Either the British population have lost their scepticism about the pending Mayan Apocalypse or Christ has taken to spreading the promise of his grace through the medium of 14 year old girls in leggings. The cross seems to be the emblem of choice for girl bands and anchoresses alike, as this summer saw it creep across crop tops and cling to Oliver Proudlock’s ear lobe. It struck me as strange that the same two lines that had Nadia Eweida fired from her job at Heathrow airport have gone on to tattoo almost every piece of jersey sold on the high street without so much as a public nostril flare. Why do we find a method of Roman torture so aesthetically pleasing? Or are we just waiting for the miniature Guillotine earring worn by liberated french revolutionaries to make a comeback?


Above we see the crucifix in its now natural setting, casually printed on a slightly over-sized jersey t-shirt, originating from a malaysian sweat shop. Nothing quite reminds us of God’s grace in the same way as a kimono jacket-clad teenager having a sultry romp on her sheets.


Pictured here the ‘Madonna’ her self uses the cross to expose a glimpse of her virginal bosom, scandalous yes but nothing on Gaga’s duck tape nipple hommage to the use of iconography throughout Madge’s hay day. The ear embellishment of choice of boy bands. The tattoo of choice for sporty spice, Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jolie etc etc. Could the cross remind us of a happier time, when no one could tag you in an outfit two days in a row and a carefully selected glittery slogan tshirs told that prefect at the school social you were down for second base. Who knows if this trend might be disproved by a collaboration of Wintour and Dawkins or die for three seasons before resurrecting itself.




gothic crosses at Versace AW12




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