Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter celebrates her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEY! The fact is that it’s sort of impossible to dislike her, and if you say you do, well that’s just denial. Get your freakum dress on and enjoy a little celebration of the best voice, the best moves and the  best weaves in music.

That voice. It needs no introduction, so I’m not going to give it one.

Beyonce’s movie performances have received their fair share of criticism. We think it’s time to embrace them, and we just can’t comprehend how anybody can’t enjoy the 130 minutes of pure musical entertainment that is Dreamgirls. Any film that boasts so many retro weaves and resulted in the most sing-a-long-able Beyonce song ever, Listen, is a film to love. Give this two listens and you’ll be fighting the urge to belt it into your hairbrush.

I’d be surprised if any school talent show manages to run its duration without some sort of Single Ladies impersonation. Hats off to the choreographer that came up with the world’s fiercest routine, and even more to Queen Bey for making it one of the most iconic performances ever. Girl can dance.

Ok, so we might not be entirely behind all of House of Dereon’s endeavors, but man has Beyonce pulled off some winning looks. She’s also totally beautiful and may or may not have the most flawless skin in the world EVER, even without makeup.

V Magazine 2008

Dazed and Confused 2011

IT’S JUST SO CUTE. Now we can all pretend to be Beyonce’s best friend more vividly than ever before. If anything truly great has come from the rise of the Tumblrverse, it’s this.


By Mark Izatt


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