It was inevitable that after years of recycled interpretations of the same 70s and 80s trends that  the nostalgia of our own childhood years, the blissfully simple 1990s, would lead the fashion circuit for autumn/winter 2012. The indie scene has had a refreshing makeover, so get ready to stock up on psychedelic tees, oversized printed jackets and grunge-inspired knits.

So, where to begin? As ever, the alternative music scene has been the first port of call for designers this season. Even if you’re like me and your nineties self endured countless bubblegum pop discos and Britney medleys, you can take this autumn/winter season to pretend you were more into Violent Femmes than Vengaboys.


1. Good Days, 6th April 2012

Ok, so maybe you don’t have to dress exactly like you’re part of an angst-ridden indie-rock band, seeing as it’d probably get a bit nippy without a t-shirt to accompany your coat, but over-sizing, especially on coats and jackets, is already proving to be hugely on-trend for A/W12. This double-breasted Alexander McQueen shearling jacket is unbeatable as far as ticking boxes goes. I found it while casually browsing the ‘luxuriously’ priced garments of Barneys New York; it’s a great site to check out if you aren’t quite ready to rep the runway looks but want to stay one step ahead of what arrives on the high street. (Unless, of course, you don’t mind shelling out $6855.00)


2. Alexander McQueen, August 2012

As a lifelong Nirvana fan, I was pleased to see that knitwear’s recent facelift has steered men’s knits away from Nan’s Christmas presents to Kurt Cobain–inspired bold prints. Texture also appears to be a staple focus at the moment, with acrylic, wool, and angora all featuring on chunky knits, adhering to the exaggerated silhouette of the season.  If you share my addiction to layering print upon print, take a look at how the man himself did it the first time around.


3. Reiss, 27th August 2012

If you can’t control your grunge addiction, you cannot get any better than EDWIN. On their website is an innovative promo video that highlights their combination of lumberjack shirts, stripe knits, and camouflage jackets.

4. Edwin, August 2012

Another new find of mine that I just can’t get enough of is the photography of Elliot Morgan. While he does partake in the odd mainstream project (we’ll ignore the fact that he’s snapped One Direction), his fashion photography is nigh on perfect in my opinion. His website and Flickr page are definitely worth a look.


7. Elliot Morgan, 19th July, 2012

It may seem like you’re being bombarded by prints at first glance, but as this A/W is all about androgyny I say embrace the floral, the leopard, and the camouflage (you’d be forgiven for being a tad sick of Aztec).

If you can’t quite stomach wearing prints that you’ve only ever previously seen on your girlfriends, go for something “a bit jazzier”. Whether it was Zack from Saved by the Bell or the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel Air wearing it, you couldn’t watch a sitcom in the first half of the 1990s without a blizzard of tie dye t-shirts coming at you. For true Californian style, I’d say the more colours the better. Thomas Mair has even gone as far to apply the psychedelic dying technique to trousers.

8. Thomas Mair, 23rd August 2012

As I can’t quite picture many students donning the tie dye trouser ensembles pictured above, I’d seriously recommend investing in a good pair of super skinny acid wash jeans instead – or any ultra skinny jeans really. Just hide those mustard chinos right at the back of your wardrobe…

9. Topman, August 2012

By Jacinta Osborne

Images: Chris Capper


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