Inspired by the particularly luxe current edition of i-D magazine, the Role Models issue, we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate our favourite female models, because really, they’re more than glorified coat hangers. With bodies and jawlines like these we might deduce that they’re either superhumanly healthy, surviving on kale smoothies and decathlons, or they’ve ingested nothing but scraps of toilet paper and cocaine since the age of 15. Just go with whichever explanation you’re keenest on.


She popularised ‘heroin chic’ in the 90s, she descended into coke-fuelled oblivion and climbed back out of it again, she throws her favourite vintage clothes at Topshop’s hack designers and calls them her own, she shut down an entire village for her wedding, she’s one of the most beautiful models in the world and she still speaks like the wide-eyed Croydon teenager she was when she started out. She’s Kate F*!”@ing Moss and at Exeter Fashion Society we don’t use her name in vain.


Twiggy was and is the quintessential icon of 60s youth, but as the years progressed she became a reminder that we can’t be young forever, and that at some point our skin will sag and we’ll buy all of our cashmere in M&S. Still, I don’t mean to cuss her, because we have only fond feelings for that most motherly of models. Empty your mascara in libation.


Darling of social media and queen of the high-brow scousebrow, everyone’s a little bit in love with native Brit and general ball-of-fun Cara Delevingne. It might take a while to get to grips with her surname, and her acting skills in the recent movie adaptation of Anna Karenina might not rival Streep and Winslet, but that’s all forgivable enough. Long live!


Stephanie Seymour is one of our more seasoned supermodels, working with the world’s greatest photographers and still appearing in the most prestigious magazines at the age of 44. Perhaps more embarassingly, she published Stephanie Seymour’s Beauty Secrets for Dummies and played an explosives expert in a video game called Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller, but we’re willing to see past that for the sake of those majestic cheekbones.


First scouted by Models 1 whilst shopping at a London market, Alek Wek garnered worldwide attention after her appearance in the brilliantly outdated video for Tina Turner’s Golden EyeSince then, the fashion world just hasn’t been the same. Herself a Sudanese refugee, Wek is using her influence to work with organisations such as the Refugee’s Advisory Council, World Vision and UNICEF. Good stuff, girl.


(that’s not her nipple, that’s unfortunately placed hair)

Basically, just watch this. Talk about fierce…

Words by Mark Izatt  @mark_r_i


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