A while back, we celebrated the majesty of the elderly with Advanced Style. 84 year old Daphne Selfe is one of the blog’s favourite subjects, and we think that EFS should laud her with some praise of our own. She’s the world’s oldest supermodel, and probably the most beautiful octogenarian since… well, ever.

She was a model when she was younger, but as she admits, fashion’s ideal figure was very different then, in the fifties. ‘I would never have made it starting out today. I was too short, just 5ft 7in, with wide shoulders from all the riding I did as a young girl. But no one ever asked me to lose weight. Rationing was in place until 1954, so you were always grateful to get good food.’

She is against cosmetic procedures, telling the Daily Mail ‘I’ve never had anything done to my face. Not that poison, not a facelift. I think it’s a waste of money. Anyway, I couldn’t afford it!’

One of the most striking things about the supermodel is her hair. I’ve noticed a tragic tendency for women to crop their hair into a sort of tamed Rod Stewart pineapple as soon as they detect the onset of old age, and plan to use the example of Selfe, with her sparkling silver locks, to stop this trend dead in its tired tracks. If you don’t trust me, then listen to Daphne herself (herSelfe?): “My hair is long now because it’s cheaper, I don’t have to do anything, but put it in a topknot or a French pleat. It avoids that old lady permed look, lengthens the neck and lifts the face.”

As your skin sags, there’s no need to let your style sag, too. In fact, you can adopt an elegant, aloof, aristocratic sort of gait that says ‘I have lived for almost a century, and I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.’ Nobody needs to know that your can’t remember what you were doing thirty seconds ago or that your bladder is on the verge of prolapse.

On that unexpectedly grotesque note, I’ll leave you with some photographs of the inspiring Daphne Selfe.


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