Fur has been receiving such an exciting revival in recent years that a pun such as the title of this article can be totally forgiven. While we don’t condone the slaughter of animals for the sake of vanity, we can’t help but appreciate a beautiful piece of fur on a beautiful model. If you’re stirring a can of red paint ready to drench us with as we exit the Forum, just pause for a second and feast your eyes on these cuddly wuddly highlights from the SS’13 shows and beyond.

Fendi SS13

Fendi SS13

Celine SS13

Celine SS13

More Celine from Winter 2010

More Celine from Winter 2010

Miu Miu SS13

Miu Miu SS13

Charlie Le Mindu

Okay, so we’re getting off topic; the last photograph was a hair jacket and this is snakeskin, but this Erdem get-up needs to be shown off. It’s the best thing since Kate Moss broke up with Doherty.

Fox stole Sister by Sibling Newgen LFW Feb 2012

Sister by Sibling

Cara Delevingne backstage at Fendi SS13, for good measure.


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