Emily Bayliss, a makeup artist for our October shoot, brings you a list of her favourite slap-on tutorialists. 

Recently there’s been a surge in the popularity of online makeup tutorials, be they videos made by creative girls with an hour to spare (some of whom are genuinely talented, others…sadly not so much) or professional makeup artists sharing their tips and tricks of the trade. The question is, whose video do you watch and who do you take advice from? I’ve selected my top 4 (and a half!) of the best channels whose tutorials/blogs I watch/read religiously.


Samantha and Nicola Chapman started their Youtube channel in 2008. They are both professional makeup artists based in Norwich who trained for several years and eventually began to work for the M.A.C pro team. Now freelance artists, they dedicate their time to
a variety of Youtube channels and the ‘Real Techniques’ range of makeup brushes which Sam launched a year, or two?!, ago (amazing quality, affordable & available in Boots). Their tutorials involve a variety of celebrity inspired looks and original looks (ranging from
wearable daytime/evening to extreme artistic experiments). I find their tutorials particularly good as they talk you through their techniques, list the products that they use and suggest cheaper alternatives if you’re on a tighter student budget. Plus, they’re just suuuper good.

Pixiwoo’s Pamela Anderson look

Watch their videos here
Read their blog here


Tanya started her Youtube channel in 2009. A makeup artist also based in Norwich (and engaged to Jim Chapman, brother of Sam & Nic!) she gained her professional experience by working as a makeup artist for both Clinique and Laura Mercier for many years.
Tanya follows the same ‘system’ as Sam & Nic in that she recreates celebrity looks from the red carpet as well as creating her own. Tanya’s looks are easy to copy and often involve more affordable ‘drugstore’ products. She is always so cheery in her
videos, so even if  I don’t want to recreate her looks, I find that if I’m feeling particularly miserable she’s able to lighten my mood (for the length of the tutorial, after which I return to my grouchy self).

Watch her videos here
Read her blog here


Lisa Eldridge is a world renowned British makeup artist who spends her days behind the scenes on editorials for top global magazines like Elle, Glamour and Vogue, creating the looks for fashion shows and celebrities on the red carpet. She is a makeup ambassador for No.7 and also creates the looks in the video tutorials for the Chanel site ‘Makeup Confidential’. Lisa’s work is always flawless, always blending the products seamlessly onto the skin for picture-perfect looks.

Watch her videos here
Read her blog here


Charlotte Tilbury started her career as an assistant to the legendary Mary Greenwell (any true makeup artist’s idol) and now works on the very best shoots and shows for the very best designers. Charlotte’s channel is still in its early stages with only a handful of videos, as she came to youtube in late 2012. She grew up in a very artistic and bohemian household in Ibiza until aged 13 (her father is British artist Lance Tilbury) which is very evident in her work, daaarling. The looks she creates are absolutely flawless and stunning; a girl can only dream of having her makeup applied by such a talented woman. Unlike the previous three, Charlotte uses models in her videos instead of applying the makeup on herself.

Watch her videos here
Read her blog here

Finally, here comes the ‘half’: for those tweeters/twitterers/what are they called?! out there, a must follow is the truly AMAZING Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal). ‘The most influential makeup artist in the world’ according to Vogue, she is known to take 30-50 bags of materials to locations (shows/shoots/covers – you name it). She often tweets her ‘#BeautyFlash’, little snippets of tips and tricks, throughout the week. Her work is so outstandingly creative that words fail me, hence the slew of photos below to do the job for me:


So there you have it; my best pick of the crop! I hope you enjoy following some great tutorials, which, by the way, make perfect procrastination material. I mean, who wants to be seen in the exam hall with messy mascara and botched blusher?

E.B. x


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