Featured image: python detail from a AW13 skirt by Prouenza Schouler

It’s time to phase out the oversized, wider-than-your-body graphic prints in favour of dramatically smaller patterns which will have everyone craning their necks for a closer look.

Zara SS13

Zara are the undisputed imitators of catwalk lines. Pretty much the only difference between them and those men selling knock-off handbags on the side of the street is the lack of misspelt labels (Pucci, PrVda, Dulce & Gabonna). Unfortunately, not everyone is dyslexic, so it’s not to easy to get away with those. Get a high-end look by pairing Zara’s busy prints with their sleek basics.

Proenza Schouler SS13 (collage courtesy of

Proenza Schouler have a knack for creating seasonal ‘it’ pieces, like that one really nice handbag and that ugly-pretty vest/shirt, and I think their busy digitally printed SS13 skirts — appliqued, punched, belted, adorned — should take their rightful place in the must-have hall of fame.

Maia Bergman

Maia Bergman is a recent graduate of Central St Martins, one of the most exciting names to emerge from the class of 2012. Her SS13 collection, up for the H&M Design Award, is an impressive display of iridescent beading, with covers each garment in immaculate disarray. Ok, so beading isn’t technically a ‘print’, but I needed an outlet for my Bergman obsession, and they’re really tiny beads, so maybe you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me. Check out Bergman’s blog here, and her collection on the H&M Design Award website.

Reiss SS13

On the high street, your best port of call for delicate, small-scale prints (as for most things) is Reiss. So, if you’re looking for something a little luxe on which to splurge that newly deposited student loan, look no further.



Although photographic digital prints have been inescapable for a while now, nobody is doing them quite like Fabitoria, a small brand who have adorned their neatly structured skirts with all manner of images, from Elizabeth I wearing pink sunnies to church windows and aquariums. They make hats, too, like the ones Willow wore in early Buffy episodes. I KNOW, RIGHT? Don’t get too excited.


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