Just thinking about being outside, in the cold and wet traditional British weather makes me depressed and wish there was a sliver of light and hope somewhere. However, the infamous Chelsea Boots have been taking the world by storm (no pun intended) for some time now but stylish women everywhere are standing tall in defiance that come rain or high water, they still will look fabulous.

A  brief history, they have nothing to do with Made in Chelsea, I mean absolutely no relation at all. They were known as Dealer Boots that were originally created as unisex riding boots. They were ankle high boots that bore a striking resemblance to boots worn in Victorian times called Paddock or Jodhpur Boots. The tell-tale signature for these boots were the elasticated sides that made the boots easy to pull on and off with the heel tab. Even in the 1960s, The Beatles wore a style similar that was dubbed The Beatle Boot which is a skinnier type of Chelsea Boot!

These boots are incredibly versatile which makes the heeled alternative perfect for our damp washed out streets! I’ve seen a LOT of these boots on campus since the new academic year and I tip my hat off to our stylish students. It is a wardrobe staple and works with just about any outfit (although someone bound to prove how wrong I am, please don’t.)

Here are a few examples of how these beautiful and totally affordable boots can be styled male or female!

Chelsea Boots - ASOS Marketplace Dune Chelsea Man Chelsea - Google Images Masculine Chelsea - Fashion Reveller Minimalist chelsea - Google Images Simple outfit - Polyvore



























































Words by Shemayne Yarde 



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